Bhutan Honeymoon Trip

Bhutan Honeymoon Trip

Highlights of the Tour:

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Perfect places for a Honeymoon Trip in Bhutan

Paro Valley

The Paro Valley is one of the most popular places for a honeymoon trip to Bhutan. The area offers many famous sights such as the National Museum and the Rinpung Dzong. A highlight not to be missed is a hike to the famous Tiger's Nest.

Tiger's Nest

When visiting Bhutan, don't miss the opportunity to visit the famous Tiger's Nest. The Tiger's Nest is one of the holiest sites in the world. It is located at an altitude of 3,120 metres above the Paro Valley. Depending on the weather, the misty clouds spread an almost mystical atmosphere.


Thimphu is not only the capital of Bhutan, but also the perfect place for a honeymoon in Bhutan. The city offers a wide variety of famous sights. Thimphu is the perfect place to explore the rich culture of the country. Not to be missed is a visit to one of the vibrant festivals that take place in Thimphu throughout the year.

Trongsa Village

Trongsa village is a small, misty village perfect for a honeymoon. The village is famous for the Trongsa Dzong. Here you can enjoy a perfect view of the beautiful landscapes and the nearby mountains.


This beautiful place is famous for the Punakha Dzong, located right at the confluence of the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu rivers. A visit in February is highly recommended as the famous Punaka Drubchen and Punakha Tsechu take place at this time.


If you are planning a more active honeymoon, Bumthang is the perfect place. Bumthang is divided into four valleys: Ura, Chhume, Tang and Chokor. Famous sights in this area include Jakar Dzong, Ngang Lhakhang, Tamzhing Monastery and many more. A trekking tour to the famous burning lake is not to be missed.

More sights to see in Bhutan

Romantic activities in Bhutan

Why travelling to Bhutan for a Honeymoon trip?

The natural beauty, rich culture and focus on happiness and well-being make Bhutan a perfect place for honeymooners.


If you plan your honeymoon in Bhutan, the country offers you various attractions for a romantic trip. A visit to Paro for example, one of the most picturesque towns in Bhutan, is a perfect way to enjoy traditional architecture and stunning natural landscapes. One highlight is the hike to the Tiger`s Nest or a visit on the towns markets and shops.

A perfect way to relax and recover are the traditional hot stone bath. These are a typical Bhutanese experience, where you soak in a wooden tub which is filled with hot water and stones. The water is also infused with various medicinal herbs and oils which are believed to have healing properties. The bath is perfect to relaxes muscle tension, promote circulation and relieve stress. It’s a perfect way to relax after a day full of exciting exploring.


Another unique and authentic experience is a trekking tour to one of the many remote villages. Bhutan offers several remote villages, where you can experience authentic Bhutanese culture and hospitality. Housing in one of the traditional homestays is a perfect way to learn more about the culture and the traditions.


A must do in Bhutan is to experience one of the many traditional festivals. Bhutan is famous for its colorful festivals where locals dressed up in traditional costumes and perform dances and music. For all how want to enjoy a more luxuries honeymoon, Bhutan offers various luxury hotels and resorts, where you can enjoy the countries natural beauty in style. There you can enjoy spa treatments gourmet meals and stunning views.

Bhutan Honeymoon Tour Itinary

We are happy to design your honeymoon in Bhtuan according to your own wishes and preferences. As Bhutan offers many romantic locations, each trip is planned according to your own preferences.


Bhutan has implemented special entry regulations to regulate the amount of tourism.

– Travelling into Bhutan is only possible with a visa. This is then only valid for the duration of the booked trip. Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

-Every tourist has to pay a Sustainable Development Fee which is 200 USD per person and night. Special discounts for longer stays are available. Detailed information will be provided during the planning of the trip.

-When planning a trekking trip, a guide is mandataroy.

-In Bhutan you are not allowed to drive a car on your own, you always need a driver.

The climate in Bhutan is divided in three climate zones, so there is no general answer for the best travel time to Bhutan. As a basic rule it can be said that spring and autumn are the best travel times to Bhutan.

-For north Bhutan the best travel time is from March to May and from September to October

-For central Bhutan the best travel time is from April to the end of October

-For south Bhutan the best travel time is from November to March

All guides speak English. German speaking guides are sometimes avaiable on request.

Bhutan is a fascinating country with a rich cultural heritage. Therefore the country offers several famous attractions. Most known attractions are the city of Paro and the capital of Bhutan Thimphu. One of the most known religious sites of Bhutan is the Taktsang Monastery or also called the Tiger’s Nest.

Furthermore Bhutan offers many Monasteries, Dzongs and other religious sites. Bhutan also offers beautiful nature and landscape.

The  most common way for European travelers how travel to Bhutan is via airplane. Bhutans only international airport is located in Paro. The national air carrier of Bhutan is called Drukair and operates flights from several cities in Asia, including Bangkok, New Delhi, Kathmandu, Singapore and Dhaka.

Travel by road from India is possible but so far not very common for European tourists.

When planning a trekking tour to Bhutan it is important to know, that a guide is mandatory. And trekking through Bhutan without a Guide is not allowed.

Guest reviews

Heike R.Red Lion Bhutan-Nepal Tour 2023
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“The trip was perfectly organized. Both in Nepal and in Bhutan, our guides were very helpful and friendly and always there for us. We felt we were in good hands with them. For us it was a very nice and impressive journey with many impressions and nice encounters.”​
Arne T.Red Lion Bhutan Tour 2019
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“The entire process of the Bhutan trip went like clockwork, from flights to accommodation to all activities. …”​
A. D.Red Lion Bhutan Tour 2018
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“Our Bhutan trip was excellently planned in conjunction with the Bhutanese tour operator Red Lion. Several very individual wishes were taken into account in the itinerary and we had an excellent guide on site. Instead of staying in hotels, we mainly chose homestays with Bhutanese families and thus repeatedly made impressive contacts with the locals. So the time in Bhutan was one of the most impressive trips we have experienced. Free educational opportunities, free health services and a way of life in harmony with the environment and nature - we can learn a lot from the people of Bhutan.”
Horst & Anke K. Red Lion Bhutan Tour 2018
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“Our guide Pema spoke German very well and had a high level of general knowledge. This enabled us to learn a lot about the country and people of Bhutan. At this point we would like to say a special thank you to Bhutan Red Lion Travel, Mr. Gasy Lhendup, for the perfect organization on site. The farewell evening in Paro with the traditional farewell gift will not be forgotten. With our guide Pema and our chauffeur Tashi, we had two experienced, prudent and courteous people at our side.”