Tiger’s Nest – the Spectacular Taktsang

The Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan, also known under the Name Paro Taktsang, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bhutan. But it is also one of the most sacred sites of the world. The location of Tiger’s Nest itself is rather fascinating. It is a prominent Buddhist monastery and temple complex located in the Paro Valley about 10 kilometers north of Paro town. The Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan is one of the most important temples of buddhists pilgrimage in the world, and a highlight of a journey to Bhutan. The spectacular Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery, which is enthroned at 3,120 meters above the Paro Valley. Like an eagle’s nest, it almost seems to be floating, nestled close to the rocks of the steep mountains. Depending on the weather, the wafts of fog spread an almost mystical atmosphere, but when the sun is shining, the numerous prayer flags fluttering colorfully in the wind predominate. Do not miss this jewel on the mountain.

The Flight on the Tiger's Back

Tiger Nest

The Tiger’s Nest is located on a remote place, located on a hill above Paro. The monestary can only be reached by foot, horse or mule. And you should not shy away from this effort, because only Guru Rinpoche was granted the privilege of flying up on a tiger. History said that Guru Rinpoche, the founder of Buddhism in Bhutan, flew to the rocks from the east of the country on a female tiger. There he meditated in a cave for three months before converting the surrounding Paro Valley to Buddhism. In the process, the ruling demons were subdued and forced to build the Tiger’s Nest, that Taktsang Monastery.

Getting to the Tiger's Nest

Getting to the Tiger’s Nest is already a unique experience, tourists must hike up a steep and rocky trail, which takes up to three hours in each direction. The trail offers stunning views of the monastery and the surrounding valley. Important to know when visting Tiger’s Nest: It is a highly religious place for the locals, therefore tourists must  observe to a dress code and remove their shoes before entering the temple complex.

Taktsang the Way Is the Goal

Build in 1692, the Tiger’s Nest is one of the most revered and sacred sites for buddhist in the world. If you trek to the monastery, you best start from Ramthangkha. The trail passes through a beautiful pine forest where many of the trees are adorned with Spanish moss and fluttering prayer flags. In other places, the paths grant you beautiful views. In general it can be said that the journey is the goal on this you cover 800 meters in altitude in about three hours.

Tiger's Nest: Connected to the Rock

When you finally reached the monastery, you will be finally rewarded for your efforts with an impressive view from the monastery. Because here the view of the entire Paro Valley with its surrounding mountains opens up.

Turning to the monastic complex, you will see that it consists of various buildings, a total of four main temples and dwelling stalls. The different complexes are connected by passages and stairs in the rocks. They are so tightly packed against the rock that it is said that the monastery sticks like a gecko to the side of the mountain.


Finally, it can be said that the Tiger’s Nest is a one of the most famous highlights in Bhutan and should definitely not missing when planning a trip to Bhutan. But the Tiger’s Nest is not only a famous tourist attraction it is  also a symbol of the countries unique culture and heritage.