The Snowman Trek

One of the Most Challenging Trekking Routes

 The Snowman Trek can be  considered as one of the most challenging hiking treks in the world, during the  journey you walk through some of the most remote and rugged mountains and villlages of Bhutan. Crossing on the way high passes and reaches an altitude of about 5,000 meters.

General Information

To walk along the whole trek, you have to cover a distance of 340 kilometers through the wilderness of Bhutan. Considering your time planning, completing the whole trek, takes around 25 up to 30 days. Depending on differents factors such as your personal fitness condition, the weather and the chosen route you have to plan more or less days.


Route of the Snowman Trek

Starting point of the trekking tour is in Paro. Then the trail leads through the Lunana region to the valley of Bumthang. Other worth seeing stop during the tour is Thangthanka with its beautiful forests and meadows. The Snowmantrek continues to Lingzhi, which is characterized by deep valleys. Worth seeing here is also the Lingzhi Dzong, as well as the charming village of Chebisa. One of the highlights of the trip and a special experience is the accommodation in Robluthang Camp, which is located on the highest point of the route. The journey continues through the village of Layla, which is also a rather small and beautiful place. We will cross the Tsimola Pass. And finally, you will reach the end of the journey in Nikka Chu, a small village in the Bhumthang Valley. After that, you will be transferred back to your starting point in Paro.

A Journey full of Special Moments

From beautiful nature, to high mountains with snowy peaks.  During the trip you will experience various special moments.  Get a perfect inside into the local culture, by visting several remote villages. Enjoy the beautiful Flora and Fauna. The trek might be a challenging experience, but the different special moments and experiences are worth the effort.

One Highlight after another the Snowman trek  is full of unique and special adventures.

The Scenic beauty is definitely one of them. The Snowman Trek offers breathtaking views of Bhutans snowcapped mountains, glacial lakes, alpine valleys and remote villages.

Remote Villages and Local Culture

During the trek you will pass several small and remote villages. Since the people in these villages have preserved their culture and way of life for centuries, it provides an opportunity to interact with the local communities and experience their traditions and customs.

Natural Beauty

The whole trek is a revelation, but the tour through the high altitude passes of Bhutan is a special adventure on its own. One highlight here is the famous Gangla Karchung La pass at an altitude of 5,320 meters. These passes offer challenging ascents and descents. But you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Furthermore look always out for the beautiful flora and fauna. The trek passes through a diverse ecosystem, from lush forests to barren high altitude landscapes. You will see several wildlife animals during the trak such as the takins, which are the national animal of Bhutan, blue sheep, musk deer, and a wide range of birds.

Religion and Culture

Along the trek you will find several small ancient Buddhist monasteries and temples. Exploring these several  monasteries, will offer you a perfect inside into the religious culture of the country. During your trip you will not only learn more about the Buddhist culture of Bhutan, you will also get fully immersed with the local culture. Passing by remote  villages, you have the chance to interact with the local culture. Therefore, you can experience traditional dances, local cuisine and great hospitality. Often during the trek, you will be housing in homestays, which are mostly traditional farmhouses, which is a unique way to learn more about the typical way of life of the bhutanese people.

Conclusion: The Snowman Trek is a Personal Achievment

Completing the whole trek is personally a unique experience.  The Snowman Trek is a significant personal achievement due to its demanding nature and high altitude challenges. It requires good physical fitness, mental toughness and good acclimatization. Completing the entire Snowman Trek brings with it a deep sense of accomplishment. The memories and moments that you have experienced will remain for a lifetime.